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Trying to work out all of the features that each river cruise company offers, in order to decide which cruise is the right one for you, can be a daunting and confusing task.  The very best way to figure it out is to come in to the office for a personal appointment so that we can help you define precisely the right cruise for you.  We are experienced river cruisers and know a thing or two about cruising in general and specifically river cruising.  

For those with a keen interest in some of the important differences, we have created a couple of quick checklists to help you get a sense of how the major river cruise companies compare.  Click here for 4 STAR;  Click here for 5 STAR!  

Locally owned and operated since 1988,  Algonquin Travel and Cruise Centre is home to Ottawa's River Cruise Experts.  Our travel professionals have sailed the rivers of Europe and South East Asia and can guide you through the many options to find the river cruise experience best suited to you!

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