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Why use Goliger’s TravelPlus vs. Booking Online?

  • We price match most online packages and it doesn’t cost you anything extra
  • Personal service with someone who knows you
  • Unbiased travel info/expertise vs. travel reviews written by anyone
  • Airmiles Reward Miles
  • Online pricing can be misleading and confusing
  • Is the on-line agency insured if an airline goes bankrupt or they do?
  • Help in an emergency situation from someone who cares
  • Supporting local business
  • Take confusion out of entry requirements – do you need a visa/notarized letter?
  • Assistance while on vacation should an emergency or weather related issue arise
  • Someone who learns your travel preferences and can guide you for the best value, not necessarily the “cheapest” way to go
  • You have an advocate who will work on your behalf
  • Save yourself time
  • Can sometimes get extra goodies from our preferred suppliers
  • Reduced risk of error in making your reservations
  • Assistance with insurance claims if necessary

We are your search engines with a Heart!

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