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Top Ten Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding!

Why should anyone want to go away and get married? Check out these reasons why you and the one you love should consider a destination wedding…

Almost stress-free planning! We know getting married away can be a big step, so we won’t ever say any wedding is totally stress free. But, not having to run around worrying about seating arrangements and all those other time consuming little details can be so much more relaxing… In fact, we make planning a wedding away even easier for you! We’ll help you with all the documentation required and even work with the local wedding coordinator on your behalf.

It’s usually less expensive! You can have a beautiful wedding ceremony and honeymoon all in one. There are many all-inclusive packages that include your meals, drinks, activities and more for $3,000 to $5,000… some even include your wedding! That’s a whole week of fun versus one night of a traditional wedding and sit-down dinner which averages $20,000 or more. When you return from your trip, you could always have an intimate reception at home. Some couples have a wine and cheese party, a BBQ or a reception at a hall. Just think – you can wear your wedding dress twice if you want!

Slim to none chance of inter-family issues. Especially if you invite them along. It’s vacation time for everyone! The great thing about all-inclusive vacations is that everything is mostly included so there is no financial pressure on anyone once at destination – there’s a fun saying, “Drinks for everyone!” and you can mean it! Bring along your friends and family for more fun!

Control! An amazing relief if you’ve ever been part of a traditional wedding with two families involved. Everything you want for your wedding is completely in your hands. We can arrange everything from the colour of your flowers to having balloons drop from a helicopter! Get creative – do what you want!

Second Wedding heaven. If you’ve already been there, done that with a big traditional wedding, second weddings are perfect for the relaxing getaway to a beautiful locale. The other great thing is that if you have children and would like them to attend – there are great hotels with children’s programs!

Your honeymoon starts right away. After the big day – you’ll probably be relaxing on the beach the next morning with a tropical drink in your hand and your toes in the sand! Now that sounds good!

Parental bliss! If your folks are coming, you might hear them say, “We’ve been wanting to take a vacation!” They can relax too!

Fun for everyone who attends! Who wouldn’t enjoy themselves…a week at a beachfront resort, a cruise to exotic locales… think of what you’re doing for them! We specialize in wedding groups – from 2 to 200 people!

Pack light! You don’t have to wear or bring a traditional wedding dress if you don’t want to. You can get married in island gowns, shorts, bathing suits, and scuba suits. Your groom can wear shorts or a tuxedo with sandals…this is your day!

Let yourself go! You can do whatever you feel like. You can have the cake before the ceremony or after, get married on the beach or in a garden-side gazebo, on a yacht, on a mountain top. Let us know what you’re dreaming about – we’ll orchestrate it for you!

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