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Namibia by Garry Black

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to visit the most stunning vistas on our planet with a professional photographer along to guide you step-by-step in taking the most phenomenal photos of your travels? Well, that's precisely what our Consultant Garry Black does.

Garry is renowned professional photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic and other world class print. He is also, an extremely well-travelled consultant, who frequently escorts groups to the most exotic and picturesque places in the world. His trips include personalized photography workshops and hands-on help and guidance to ensure you have the most spectacular expierences and the pictures to prove it.

This album is dedicated to Garry's recent Photography Tour  in Namibia.  Don't you wish you could have been there with him?

Feast your eyes...then give him a call to sign up for his next amazing Photo Excursion.

Sand, sand and more amazing sand in every shade and colour, in every unusual place. Sand that fills every space in your mind and imagination. A painted desert captured on film.

The dust of village life that you can almost taste; a startling sunrise spreading over a breathtaking view; the dazzling colours of a sunset on the edge of velvet night; ancient rock pictures made by prehistoric hands long before there were cameras.

Animals.  Of course there were animals.  Animals of every stripe, spot, horn, tusk and trunk.  What would a trip to Africa be without a chance to photograph these?

Let's not forget about the cats! I'd like to know how Garry got them to pose for him without becoming their lunch. Truly outstanding photography and what an experience this must have been!

Not all of Namibia's creatures are huge of course. Even the small ones are captivating when you know how to look at them.

I'll let Garry's photos speak for themselves. They do it so eloquently.

If you're intrigued by the possibilities of what this kind of tour has to offer, give Garry a call. 613-824-1564

His next tour is to Cuba in November 2015. I can hardly wait to see that beautiful island through his eyes.

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