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Earl Clint 2019 Motorcoach Tours

The travel season begins in late May with a trip to Lancaster, PA to see the play “Jesus”, held

over for another season, due to popular demand. For those wishing to stay in Ontario, I have arranged a short get-away to Grand

Bend in June, featuring world-class sunsets and two plays. Niagara and Hamilton residents can enjoy three unique day trips; one

each in August, October and November - please call for details. Newfoundland continues to be a popular destination with its

beautiful scenery, unique history and hospitable people. Due to its continued popularity (this will be my 20th tour there), please

indicate your interest early! In September, a tour to Iceland offers an excellent overview of the highlights (including possible

views of the Northern Lights), while also maintaining affordability to an expensive destination (Note: early booking is required).

October includes an awe-inspiring series of natural wonders in Utah and Arizona, featuring many lesser known but amazing

sights, just in case you have previously been to the region. In November, I will return to Lancaster to see “The Miracle of

Christmas” at Sight & Sound Theatre, as well as a seasonal dinner theatre show. Then for the first time ever, in January 2020, I am

venturing into Asia to explore the wonders of Vietnam & Cambodia. A trip of this magnitude requires significant lead-time, so

please indicate your interest early (see the booking dates). Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars and include HST

on Canadian trips (tours to the USA are tax exempt).

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